The images I create are intimate interactions between people and nature. Nature is the inspiration behind my work and over the past ten years my focus has been on water - understanding both the beauty and plight of our relationship to it. Through creative portraits, seascapes and landscapes I show the strength and tranquility of my subjects and environments. My goal is to link the emotional connection between them. I want people to explore their own role in these interactions and use the images as a way to spread awareness of environmental issues, as well as encourage a love for the ocean and waterways. A big influence to my work came from collaborating with Anishinaabe women in Ontario and learning about their relationship and responsibility to water. They changed my perspective and helped me realize the urgency to protect water.

Most recently, I have added mixed media, video and augmented reality projects as a way to deepen this experience. My hope is that this will invite questions of how our current lifestyle and climate change is having an effect on these relationships and what we can do to protect them?